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Homemade soups

Italian tomato soup

Mustard soup with mustard from Monschau

French onion soup
French onion soup with toasted bread and melted Gruyère cheese

Tom Kah Kai
Spicy Thai chicken soup with coconut milk and fresh galangal


Caprese salad
Tomatoes and mozzarella with homemade pesto and basil

Reibekuchen with salmon
Potato pancake with smoked salmon and crème fraiche

Goat cheese salad
Salad with goat cheese au gratin, roasted pine nuts, honey and bacon

Belgian schrimp croquette
Belgian schrimp croquette with fresh schrimps on salad, served with toast and butter

Trio of fish
Smoked salmon, North Sea shrimps and smoked trout, served with toast and butter


Schnitzel `Wiener Art’ *
Fresh breaded pork cutlet or vegetarian schnitzel with lemon

Pfefferschnitzel *
Fresh breaded pork cutlet or vegetarian schnitzel with home made pepper sauce

Champignonrahmschnitzel *
Fresh breaded pork cutlet with home made zigeuner sauce

The original Wiener schnitzel *
Fresh breaded veal cutlet with lemon

Chicken saté *
Traditional Indonesian chicken sate with homemade peanut sauce, fries and atjar

Krustenbraten *
Grilled ham with cranberry marmalade

Salmon with orange sauce *
Salmon fillet from the oven with orange sauce

Züricher Geschnetzeltes *
Sliced veal with fresh mushrooms in a white wine sauce

Saltimbocca alla Romana *
Veal Roman style in fine sauce with Italian ham and sage

* with fries, potato croquettes, mashed potatoes or rice and with seasonal salad


Children's ice cream
Vanilla ice cream in an animal mug to take home

Apple-pie *
Apple-pie with almonds

Belgian waffle with powdered sugar *
Sugared Belgian waffle with powdered sugar

Dame Blanche
Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream with egg liqueur and whipped cream

Walnut ice cream with caramelsauce, walnuts and whipped cream

Moelleux au chocolat
Warm chocolate cake with liquid heart with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

* with whipped cream + 0,50 €, with vanilla ice cream + 1,00 €

Kids menu

Plate of fries

6 Bitterballs with fries

6 Chicken Nugget with fries


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