Would you like to complete your stay with us with a relaxing wellness treatment? Book your treatment at the reception. These treatments are performed by Krista & Alexandra from Haus Kristal. You can be treated in the hotel or on location at Haus Kristal in Walsdorf.

Price list treatments

In the hotel:

  Reiki   Energetic Massage
45 Minutes   € 55  
60 Minutes € 70 € 70
90 Minutes   € 100


On location in Walsdorf:

  Reiki   Energetic Massage
45 Minutes   € 45  
60 Minutes € 60 € 60
90 Minutes   € 90


Reiki is a Japanese treatment method in which energy is passed on through the laying on of hands. Dr. At the end of the 19th century, Mikao Usui discovered a method that allows people to reconnect with their universal life energy. This is the energy that everyone needs every day to live, to keep the body healthy and to develop the mind. Reiki works balancing on nature-oriented principles:

  • Reiki has a positive influence on the energy balance (energy),
  • Reiki improves the structure of your body and restores the transmission of stimuli,
  • Reiki detoxifies body and mind (drainage),
  • Reiki gives deep relaxation,
  • Reiki helps to process (old) problems and accompanying emotions. This makes things brighter.

Reiki initiates various processes. Your body and mind become stronger and healthier. They will react more quickly to various influences. Reiki powerfully supports the healing process beyond healing in a powerful, natural way. Reiki works both preventively and therapeutically.

Holistic Energetic Massage

Holistic comes from the Greek word “Holos”, which means “whole”. The holistic energetic massage is a body massage, aimed at mental and physical relaxation and the removal of (negative) energy.

This massage relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation and calms the nervous system. In addition, this massage stimulates the lymph flow. A holistic energetic massage also has a positive effect on the chakras (energy centers) and meridians (energy channels). This massage reduces stress and anxiety and helps to raise awareness of one's own body. This creates more life energy.

The holistic energetic massage combines different massage techniques from the West and the East, such as parts from classical massage and acupuncture, and is intended to feel and let your energy flow again. The aim of this massage is not least to achieve deep relaxation and relief, but also to increase well-being and thus activate self-healing.