In our fitness center you will find plenty of challenges. For you as a guest, use of the fitness room is free. A key is available at the reception.

The gym is open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Ask at the reception for a free access card, which is ready for you. Admission only for hotel guests and from the age of 16 (minors only with the consent of parents or guardians).

What is Fitness?

Fitness is aimed at getting and keeping your body in good shape. Fitness has two categories. Cardio training is the creation of endurance and strength training helps you build muscle mass.

Cardio training

The cardio training is aimed at improving your condition. You work on your flexibility, coordination and speed. The treadmill and the bicycle are examples of devices that are suitable for this. Moving with the help of a cross and rowing machine is also suitable for building up your fitness.

Weight training

During strength training you work on your condition and you do exercises that strengthen your muscles. You make short and explosive movements where you can use our multitrainer. You can also do strength training on the floor, for example by doing abdominal exercises and push-ups.

Benefits of fitness

The word says it all: fitness makes your body fit. If you actively train, you have less chance of back problems because your hull strengthens. You pay more attention to your body when you actively move and your body becomes more powerful. Fitness also has a positive effect on your cholesterol level and your blood pressure.

Fitness tips:

  • Give your body a rest after an intense workout. This way your muscles can recover. Nothing is better than relaxing in our sauna after an intensive workout.
  • If you want to train two days in a row, don't train the same muscle group. These muscles are still recovering and so this does not yield anything.
  • Watch your posture when exercising. Wrong posture is harmful to your body. Ask a professional for advice.
  • Make fitness fun. Set goals and challenge yourself, for example by going a little longer on the treadmill. Or train so that you can handle more and more weight on the fitness equipment.